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Modo Energy v2.1

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Shared by Nima • October 05, 2023

It's only been 8 days since we launched Modo Energy 2.0. But with releases to the platform every two weeks, we're already ready for Update 2.1.

You can now:

  • Find forecast data quicker with filters on the run library
  • Bring Modo Energy research into your own systems with our RSS feed
  • Understand revenue opportunities in Texas, USA, with the ERCOT BESS Index

and more!

Benchmark BESS revenues in Texas

Build a full picture of battery energy storage assets in Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)

Understand, compare, and track revenue performance in ERCOT like never before with the ERCOT BESS Indices, ERCOT Leaderboard, and Asset Explorer.

All available via API.

Find forecasts faster

Navigate the run library with ease with filters on key input data

As more pre-loaded runs get added, filters help you compare asset configurations and future scenarios like never before.

Want to compare the future for 2-hr assets compared to 4-hrs? In just a few clicks you've got all the data you need without having to trawl through slide decks or commission another report.

Feed Modo Energy research into your systems

Get Modo Energy research updates in real-time with the new RSS feed.

Bring the latest Modo Energy Research into your systems and dashboards in real-time. Try it out

Small changes, big impact

  • Easier to read and improved tooltips across Benchmarking and Asset Exporer
  • 'Current state' has been added to Benchmarking charts to make it clear that data is live
  • Map market IDs to real physical assets with access to the Modo Energy asset database, now accessible via API.
  • Faster queries for Elexon datasets on our API. Coming soon to more API endpionts.
  • API Grid Frequency data is now updated in real-time (10Hz granularity)
  • Read more comfortably with some responsive design changes to Research articles on bigger screen sizes.

Want to help shape the future of Modo Energy?

We'd love to chat about how you use the platform and how we can make your work life as an analyst in the energy industry better!