Maintenance update

Modo Energy v2.1.1

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Shared by Tim • October 23, 2023

Our latest release probably went unnoticed to most people. But that doesn't stop us wanting to keep you all informed on our efforts to make an amazing tool for you...

The release on Thursday 19 October 2023 included a load of fixes and improvements across the platform, including:

  • 500+ runs added to the Forecast run library
  • research articles now have readable slugs
  • research articles are now hosted by a completely separate service, enabling quicker loading times and exciting future iteration
  • product explainer videos are back
  • users using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome should be getting logged out of Modo Energy less

After a period of our releases being hidden from view, since the launch of Modo Energy 2.0 we're aiming to ship new products, features, and improvements at least every two weeks.

If you want to help make sure the tools we're building work best for you, then we'd love to chat through our roadmap and make sure you have your say.