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Modo Energy v2.2

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Shared by Nima • October 26, 2023

You can now compare the performance of battery energy storage systems with ease.

This release also includes a step change in how we provide forecasted revenues, the ability to pin assets, and more.

Compare asset performance

Quickly understand differences in revenue strategies and performance of battery energy storage with the new comparison tool (only available to Benchmarking Pro users).

Focus on the assets that matter to you

Pin individual BMUs, batteries, or comparisons and save time on searching for your favorite assets.

A future view of real revenues

Plug numbers into your business case knowing that it reflects real operational performance.

We've spent the time comparing best-case revenues against the numbers in the Leaderboard so that you can see the full range of revenue outlooks.

We've also added way more pre-loaded scenarios so you can dig deeper into how duration, location, and degradation impacts the future.

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