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Modo Energy v2.5

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Shared by Michelle • November 30, 2023

Forecast revenue for any GB battery asset

Forecasting revenue for your battery assets doesn't need to take weeks.

You can now generate a custom revenue forecast in 1 business day with the exact specifications of your planned projects. Options to customise across:

  • 14 locations within GB
  • Duration (up to 10h)
  • Macro scenario
  • And more…

Consistent with existing runs in the Modo Energy forecasting library, all custom runs will show monthly revenue forecasts from the project start date out to 2050.

Each custom run uses 1 credit, which can be purchased individually or in bulk depending on your needs.

New downloadable data sets

Over the next 8 weeks, all of the data currently available over the API will be available through downloadable data sets. Some of the new data sets live now include:

Small but mighty updates:

  • Balancing Mechanism charts highlighting bids & offers have updated colours to match the industry standard
  • Monthly leaderboard data now available via the API
  • Data behind Balancing Mechanism market screen is now available via the API