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Modo Energy v2.9

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Shared by Michelle • February 12, 2024

View net revenues on the Leaderboard

Recently, the Enduring Auction Capability introduced negative ancillary service prices, causing an increase in negative revenues for batteries.

With the increase in negative revenues, looking at net revenue has become more important, and you can now toggle the leaderboard to view assets' net revenues.

Negative revenue shown in the Directory

When looking at any assets revenue breakdown, you will now clearly see both their negative and positive revenues to have a better view of overall performance.

Unlock a narrative view of how market changes impact future revenues with the GB BESS Outlook

With the articles and videos available in the GB BESS Outlook, you will now understand how revenue forecasts are impacted by market events. With this, you will have a regularly updated view for input into your strategic decision-making.

EPEX Live prices and Forward Power Curve available as CSVs for downloads

Previously only available through the Modo API, these data sets can now be downloaded as a CSV to make them easier for you and your team to use.

New recipe to make API use even easier

GB Hourly BESS Index

Looking to create a custom BESS index? Transform Asset Operations data into an hourly index with our new recipe.