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Modo Energy v2.10

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Shared by Michelle • February 22, 2024

Compare forecasted revenues across various specifications

With studies, compare BESS revenues across both a merchant-only or merchant and ancillary services strategy for up to 5 forecasts at a time - all without needing to download a single file.

Both preset runs and custom runs can be visualized through studies.

Explore GB & ERCOT BESS indices, intraday & day ahead prices, and ERCOT system activity in plotter

With 5 new data sets added to the plotter, you can visualize even more of what is happening in the market - and save the views you look at the most.

Save an unlimited number of custom charts

Our users have already seen significant time savings from saving the charts they use every day. So, we have decided to remove the limit on how many charts users can save.

Forward curves now available to download as excel files

Access forward curves in a way that best suits you, now available through the API or as an excel file.

Visualize BOAs split by fuel type

Available to add to any custom dashboard, this new split shows how batteries and other assets are dispatched within the balancing mechanism.