Modo Energy v2.11

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Shared by Michelle • March 07, 2024

Understand how batteries are generating revenue with the new Balancing Reserve service

The new Balancing Reserve service is launching on March 12, and the GB BESS index has been updated to now include battery revenue from this service.

Note: As this is a day-ahead auction, the earliest that revenues will appear in the index is March 13.

Manage and compare all your revenue forecasts in one place

Trying to compare forecasts from multiple sources? You can now upload any revenue forecast into Modo and compare it to other revenue forecasts using studies.

Add multiple runs to a study at once to compare revenue forecasts faster

Either add runs individually or select up to 5 runs to add to a study at once.

Find the exact forecast you need with powerful filters

New filters for BESS revenue forecasts allow you to find the forecasts you are looking for faster than ever.

Explore ERCOT load

You can now visualize ERCOT load alongside the BESS index and wind & solar generation.

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