Modo Energy v2.12

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Shared by Michelle • March 21, 2024

Learn how specific batteries are generating revenues with Balancing Reserve

Balancing Reserve revenues can now be analyzed over time on an asset-by-asset basis, allowing you to see exactly how batteries are leveraging this new service.

Find data faster with breadcrumbs

As more data sets have been added to Plotter, it can take longer to navigate to find what you are looking for. New breadcrumbs allow you to move back up the path you came from with 1 click.

Have a view of the entire year

The default view for plotter has been updated to show a full year rather than a single day. If you still want to look at data for a single day, you can easily change this back with the date picker.

Explore Elexon data right in Excel

We have finished updating our downloadable library of Excel files to contain data from Elexon's Insights Real-Time Information Service (IRIS). These files are free to download for all users.

Save time by downloading multiple forecasts at once

Download as many custom forecasts or preset runs from the Modo library as you would like - all at once.